White privilege is thinking you have the right to fly a confederate flag, but people should be mandated to stand during the national anthem.

White privilege is thinking NFL athletes should “just shut up” and play games to entertain you while you drink Budweiser.

White privilege is having your president call a peaceful protester a “son of a bitch” while praising Nazis as “very fine people.”

White privilege is believing soldiers only fight for a red, white and blue cloth made in China.

White privilege is criticizing POWs like John McCain, disrespecting a Gold Star veteran’s family for standing against anti-Muslim rhetoric and then using the troops as a political prop on Twitter.

White privilege is calling yourself a patriot while revoking 1st amendment rights of people who make you uncomfortable.

White privilege is believing that not standing for the national anthem is more disrespectful to soldiers over seas than sending them over seas based on lies in the first place.

White privilege is making an act of protest about a fucking song and a flag rather than the fact that America has the largest prison population in the world per capita and our police kill thousands of unarmed people every year with impunity.

White privilege is saying “all lives matter” while you call Black Lives Matter a terrorist group.

White privilege is thinking it’s all about kneeling.

White privilege is being able to change the channel with a Cheetos dusted remote control while black Americans will wake up in this nightmare every day — with no skip button.


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